We are looking to partner with local businesses: 

  • Does your business have excess pet food they need to get rid of?
  • Pet Food that is damaged or past the sell by date? Pet food that is about to expired (sell by date) that are going to throw away anyway?
  • Let The Furry Friends Food Bank take it off your hands! We can make arrangements to come to your business and pick up the pet food.
  • A great way for your business to get rid of unwanted pet food while helping out the animals of the community!
  • All donations are tax deductible!
  • Your business will be associated with helping a very worthwhile cause!
  • Your business’ charitable endeavors will be featured on all our social media sites.


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Donate Funds

All monetary donations to The Furry Friends Food Bank are tax deductible.

Donate Food

We are looking for the local community to donate pet food and products. We also accept office supplies and equipment:

List of Benefits

We are looking to partner with local businesses


Want to make a difference with animals? The Furry Friends Food Bank is looking for animal lovers to help our cause.