The Furry Friends Foundation Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) charity. The Furry Friends Foundation aims to improve the lives of animals in need and to enrich the lives of all animals by developing, organizing and hosting events geared towards animal owners, animal rescue-adoption organizations, and other animal-related activities.


The goal and mission for The Furry Friends Foundation is to make the world a better place for animals and for people.  Through adoptions, education, animal-centric events and activities, The Furry Friends Foundation wants to help improve the lives of all animals.  We want our organization to help be the catalyst that helps countless animals find their forever homes.  We want to be able to provide other rescues a place to showcase their animals in need of adoption and to raise the profile of rescue animals (via our pet fairs and dog walks).  We want to show through animal performance events such as lure coursing and dock diving, that the human and animal bond can be strengthened and humans and animals can connect on deep and meaningful levels.


The animal performance events will be fun ways to showcase responsible and fun activities that the public can engage in with their animals.  Through these activities that The Furry Friends Foundation helps organize, the general public will help see the benefit of engaging with their animals in these activities.  These activities will help further one of the main missions of The Furry Friends Foundation: to help promote healthy, happy, safe, fun bonds between animals and their owners through safe and fun animal performance activities.  Through engaging in the sport(s) of lure coursing, dock diving, agility and box racing, with their animals, animal owners have a safe and healthy way to engage with their animals.  And through public education of these animal performance events, and taking part in these events, the public will be able to form closer bonds with their animals and less animals will end up in shelters and be abandoned.


The Furry Friends Foundation will hold events and fundraisers in conjunction with other charitable organizations.  We will hold dog walks, silent auctions and organize and hold major pet fairs each year.


At these pet fairs we will invite dozens and dozens of local and national charities and rescue organizations to take part in our pet fair.  These charities and rescues via the pet fairs and events that we put on and pay for, will be able to raise money for their charities, raise awareness of the plight of their charities, and the animal charities will be able to bring in animals that are in need of homes.  The pet fairs that we plan, organize, fund and plan and will be a catalyst for the local community to turn towards rescues and adoptions of animals in need.  These pet fairs will bring great awareness to the local rescue community, and will help save and adopt out countless animals.


Please donate to help further our cause. All donations are tax deductible.